Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Trick or Treat!

First the trick, these aren't designs on paper or canvas,
 but rather drawing and marbling in royal icing on cookies!

Although cooking and baking don't generally qualify as fun in my book,
making fancy holiday cookies does.
Guess it's because I get to draw and make something beautiful,
with the added bonus that these cookies taste amazing!

If you're interested, here are two other posts that talk a little about the how-tos ~
here and here.
And while you're at it, check out the ultimate cookie queen,
She's got all the answers!

Finally, a couple images purposely defocused with creative color,
just for fun.

Happy Halloween!
Hope your day is filled with treats :)


  1. Well Anna, You've certainly been enjoying yourself decorating, with artistic flair, Halloween style cookies! I love the way you've photographed them too! All those lovely diagonal lines coming out from a specific point and then dotted with orange and black sugar pearls! Your second defocused and coloured image reminds me of tie-dyeing t-shirts! Did you ever do that?

  2. Hi Anna, These are amazing – how beautiful! Hope you have a festive day! xo

  3. Those cookies are great, Anna!
    Happy Halloween!!!

  4. Anna, those are gorgeous and I bet they're delicious! Wish I could have one. We didn't get many kids this year, almost everyone in our 'hood had their lights out so it wasn't really inviting for the trick or treaters. Hope you had a Happy Halloween, now on to Day of the Dead (my fave).

  5. Your Halloween style cookies are so beautiful, Anna! :)
    Have a lovely Novembrrrrrr. ;)

  6. mouth watering cookies - cool idea on photo shooting the icing design!