Sunday, October 13, 2013

Design Framework

Whether making a photograph, art quilt, or piece of elaborate beaded jewelry,
 I first seek out, or design, a solid framework for the artwork.
The framework is a combination of tonal values and lines.
This is the base that all other elements,
 such as mood, color, story, and meaning,
rest upon.

While teaching textile and beadwork at ISQSC in Fargo, ND,
I had one long afternoon to myself.
So, I walked the downtown streets and alleys with my camera.
I think the design framework is particularly apparent in the geometry
 that I found within the urban landscape.

Wishing you a creative week!


  1. Hi Anna! So many lovely lines and I especially feel attracted to the strong diagonals. I love the colours of the staircase on the first one and the framing is spot on for harmonious balance! The brickwork throughout adds texture and pattern and like the way the strong diagonal shadow of the second photo breaks up the regular pattern of the windows. The shadow makes the picture! The third shot looks like a study in lines and lighting. The bicycle in a sunny spot is a softer image and well framed with the open door and the roundness of the chair back and shape of the legs. The starkness of the last image is a perfect framing for that lovely stained glass picture in the window!

    I had to say something about them all because each one was interesting for different reasons! The actual framing in all of them gives impact and well-balanced design. Without your artist's eye, they could have been mundane and bland and they are just the opposite!

  2. i love the black and white shots and especially the bike with basket of flowers. lovely shapes and lines!

  3. Very urban. I love the lines and textures and the city feel.

  4. What wonderful shots. I love the first one...with the pastel rainbow railing! Hope you have a wonderful week!!!

  5. Oh, Anna, you know I love the architecture and black and white images. My favorite is the first one with the wonderful range of colors. Well spotted!