Thursday, October 3, 2013

The Latest

A couple bits of goodness ~

Recently, I was featured in the Impossible Project's Analog Travelog Series.
This is the Polaroid version of my summer trip to the city,
 taken with Impossible film.
Hope you can check it out - here.

Secondly, I just got back from teaching at the 
Indian Summer Quilt Show & Conference.

Many thanks to Muriel, Marcia, the friendly guild members, and all
the enthusiastic students that I had the pleasure of working with.
It was a delightful week!!!

Wishing you joy in creating.....
it's a wonderful way to live.


  1. It's amazing how taking pictures with a Polaroid camera has been revived! It seems a very trendy thing to do these days. It's certainly different to what we're used to seeing.
    I enjoyed following the link you gave above to read about the Travelog series.
    I hope you enjoyed your teaching week at the Indian Summer Quilt Show.

  2. How beautiful these are! Polaroid cameras can be fun! :)
    Have a lovely weekend, Anna.

  3. Thanks for the link too, that old car (?) is a beauty!

  4. A very big congratulations to you, Anna!
    This is truly a well-deserved honor.

  5. Anna, congratulations on all of your understandable successes.

  6. Enjoyed the link and congratulations. I always enjoy your work.