Sunday, October 28, 2012

Asilomar 2014

In June, I talked about teaching textile surface design for Empty Spools Seminars
 at Asilomar in California - here.
Happily, they've asked me to teach again in March of 2014!
I will be teaching fabric faces with embellishment ~ 
more about that when I finish the class sample.

Today, I thought I'd share with you some Lensbaby photos taken in the lodge
 and around the grounds at Asilomar.
Such a beautiful place.
Hope you can join me in 2014.

Wishing you a creative week!


  1. Just a lovely creative group of photos. Have a great week.

  2. I love the stone wall and the partial inclusion of the window and the lights on inside. Such a warm and comforting shot for this time of the year when the cold winds blow!
    I also love your older post (where comments were turned off) of that beautiful leaf floating on a pond. The colours were so dreamy!
    Have a beautiful week, Anna. We already had our first snowfall here and an icy wind was blowing too... has winter already arrived? Brrrrrrr!

  3. Congratulations on being invited to return to Ca to teach, Anna.
    The invitation is truly well-deserved.

    These photographs are beautiful. I especially love the 7th one. Such beautiful softness, and those colors are amazing.

    I hope you've had a wonderful start to your week.


  4. That place looks so beautiful, Anna. I'd love to attend something there someday. Congrats on going back to teach again!

  5. so happy you will be teaching. it sounds like you truly enjoy it.

    these photos are just awesome!

  6. Love the mood in your shots. Congrats on going back to teach again, Anna. :)

  7. Such wonferful capture! Love the effect of lensbaby, it so unique. I heard it's difficult to manipulate, I was thinking of buying one but not sure which one.

    Anna, any recommendation?

  8. Thanks everyone for your kind comments! Anne, I use the Lensbaby Composer. The word Lensbaby in this post is linked to Amazon where you can read LB specs and reviews. There are also links within my gear page. I will drop you an email with more info and thoughts on the subject, too.
    For me, getting great focus with the LB seems to be the biggest challenge. I've found the best solution is using a tripod and Live View. I feel that my post on August 11, 2012 holds some of my best LB captures and they were taken with the tripod/Live View combination.

  9. They are wierd pictures in a beautiful and surreal way, they made me look right into them! Great stuff :)

  10. How cool - and what a beautiful place.