Sunday, June 10, 2012

Asilomar Magic

My time teaching textile surface design for Empty Spools Seminars was an amazing experience.
I had the most wonderful, enthusiastic students.  Thank you so much for attending my workshop!
The weather was perfect, food was excellent, new friends were made,
 and the Asilomar grounds and coastline count as gorgeous in my book.
Thanks Suzanne and Gayle for including me in your seminars.

When not teaching, I tried to capture a bit of Asilomar's magic.

There was rolling surf and rich color to soak up.

Some folks spent time flying kites,

while others ditched their flip flops for strolls in the chilly ocean.

The tide painted interesting pictures,

and some random ones, too.

I trailed new acquaintances.....
but they wanted solitude.

And, then strolled up to the dunes.
More photos to come.

Hope your summer is off to a great start!

P. S. I've turned off comments today, as summer is so busy.
You can always reach me by email, if you'd like.