Thursday, November 20, 2014

Through the Lensbaby Blog Circle: November

Today, I'm excited to tell you I'll be part of Through the Lensbaby Blog Circle. 
So, around the 20th of each month you'll be able to follow the links to
 an amazing group of Lensbaby artists.

As I mentioned in my last post, I've been chasing natural light around our home.
Different window sizes, times of day, and exposures (North, South, East, & West),
present some subtle and some marked variations.

Late afternoon light streaming through large arched living room windows
created the warmth in the first image.
A spotlight effect was achieved by diffusing the light and
 directing a sliver of light toward my center of interest.
Love when things can be done in-camera.

The rose images were made in a pretty classy set-up...
picture light from a large basement walk-out window + a rose filled vase sitting
 on an empty boot box on the floor + a black velvet backdrop - 
at least the roses and black velvet qualify as classy :)

But, hey, it's really all about the light and the painterly blur that the Lensbaby gives!

Next follow the link to Sarah's, Story Lane Photography
for some wonderful inspiration!


  1. I love the atmosphere in your Lensbaby experiments and captures. I really like the still life painting effect of the first image and the details and the way the light falls on all the rose photos.

  2. Ciao Anna, I've really enjoyed all your AWEsome photos in the past few months! :)
    Thank you for sharing your talent. Enjoy your day. xo

  3. Hum... cannot find the link to the Lensbaby Blog Circle. Anyhoo, I just love the blur that your Lensbaby gives! :)

  4. I also wanted to follow the link but couldn't find it? Love that first image so much.

  5. Sarah's link isn't live yet.....soon :)

  6. Thanks, Sandra! I've really been enjoying still life as subject matter as it truly takes me back to my painting days. Working with finding just the right f/stop to get the softness I want with the LB...ongoing experiments and challenges!

    So kind of you, Kia! I'm happy that you've been checking-in over the recent months :) I'm a big fan of LB blur, too!

    Thanks so much, Monika!

    Thanks for stopping by, Barbara! I've been inspired to keep going with the still life subject matter. Hope you enjoyed the links.

  7. Looking forward to this new project of yours. I always enjoy your photos.

  8. Thanks, Susan! Projects keep us inspired and moving forward, don't they?!

  9. You can just feel the texture and scent of the roses in these photos, Anna.

  10. Thanks, Candice! Roses are one of my favorite flowers. They're so beautiful, and their scent is delicious!