Sunday, March 2, 2014

30 Spring Photo Prompts

I wish I could say our woods are touched with hints of green,
 bursting buds, and spring flowers...
but, truth be told,
 my world looks very white, while the dream of spring lies buried 
under mini-mountains of snow and cold. 

Hopefully, spring is no stranger at your house and you will enjoy my 
30 Spring Photo Prompts!

As for me, I guess I'll just have to continue
 dreaming of spring...


  1. It's still very much a dream here, too.

  2. Really nice spring photo prompts! Still no leaves here, but the flowers are popping up everywhere and the early spring blossom is starting to show. Wish I could send you some! I am waiting for the daffodils to bloom - they're so gorgeous! Perhaps you'll soon be at the wellies, puddles and umbrella stage?!

  3. Still waiting for the sounds of Spring .... lovely image!

  4. I hear ya! it was it -24 celsius and the windchill is -32 right now in my neck of the woods. I will work to get some photos out from your prompts. when I can...gets me thinking and motivated ;....oh to see something green (sigh)

  5. Your snow photo reminds me of a Ansile Adams photo.

  6. Well, I hate to rub it in but I got spring! I like these prompts, though, and may be trying them out.

  7. Love these prompts! It's all gray in my world too...and 4-5 inches of snow is expected tonight! Good lord...

  8. Here, our world is less white, but not much less cold.
    I know it's getting there though, as I see more and more birds returning, and as strange as it sounds, the air simply smells different.
    More like spring than winter.

    Happy day to you!