Sunday, April 14, 2013

Auto Love

We are snared in the grips of the never-ending-winter. 
More snow fell again this week!
This predicament leaves me craving color, and warmth.

So, I've dug into the dusty vaults of my computer to finally edit images
 from our area's annual summer classic car show.

Without further ado, please enjoy with me...
gorgeous color,
fascinating form,
intriguing reflections,
glittering chrome.

More classic cars to come in an auto love sequel.


  1. What exquisite..beautiful details of these old cars. Love the colors!

  2. So pretty. My first car was turquoise and white like that Marlin, only it was an Impala. Spring will come to you eventually but it sure has been a long winter for you all back there.

  3. BEAUTIFUL! Winter needs to be done now

  4. What beauties these are, Anna, and you have photographed them wonderfully.

    Wishing you a great week ahead! xo.

  5. Ravishingly beautiful!
    Love the angles of shot!
    Each a master piece!

  6. A lovely series for all the reasons you mention! I especially love the reflections and colours, all beautifully photographed. I love the headlight in photo 2 and the angle of the door, handle and steering wheel in number 7. But my favourite has to be that classy looking white number with fine blue lines and black mudguards!

  7. I just love that last image with the rusty reminder of the weathered state of these classics. I hope you're keeping well, Anna!

  8. Classic cars are truly the best thing we can have particularly for all car-lovers. These are the kind of cars that's hard to find these days. Having this collection defined the real beauty of it. Two thumbs up for you! #Ashely @

  9. I enjoyed drooling over these photos, Anna! Vintage cars might be trash to other people, but for car enthusiasts, they're treasures worth exposing to the public. I'll be looking forward to see more vintage cars that you'll feature in your blog. Anyway, I love the blue car so much! Hehe! Thanks for the post! :)

    Paul Crabtree @