Sunday, April 21, 2013

April Winter

How's your spring looking -
colorful, flowery, green?

Ours is looking mighty wintery.
These images were made on April 19!

It's beautiful, but......
snowstorms in April???!!!

Wishing you a perfect, creative spring,
in whatever manner that comes to mind.


  1. Gosh Anna, beautiful snow pictures, but I think you'd better come and live over here and enjoy the daffodils and spring blossoms! Wish I could send some over!
    I love the majestic trees in the first shot and the lovely shadows in the last one.
    I'm blowing some warm air your way, let me know when it arrives!

  2. So very pretty but you must be so over all the cold wether.

  3. We had your spring until last week, finally some green and tiny blossoms. Your spring will arrive soon:)

  4. I'm sure you've about had it with snow, Anna, but these sure are beautiful photographs. I hope spring comes to you real soon.

    Have a wonderful week ahead! xo.

  5. great shot of the trees of spring? in Canada here it is windy cold and snow is slowly melting...has been a mighty long winter...

    have a warmer week, hopefully.

  6. these photos are stunning anna. i can't believe you are still getting snow. it's been pretty lovely here in nyc. by the way that last photo is A-mazing!!

  7. You all have had an unreal winter this year! Soon you'll have green and soon I'll be jealous of you as our temps begin to climb and climb...

  8. These are lovely snow shots, Anna! :)
    I have seen snow in April only three times (in Italy), but I admit I loved it. I hope you will get spring and flowers very soon. Happy weekend ahead.

  9. These are gorgeous photos, but I agree. Enough is enough!!!!! Wish I could send you some leaves!!!!