Monday, January 7, 2013

Weather Wisdom

Sometimes, I almost miss the day.

By this I mean, the day may seem too hot, too rainy, too icy - or this time of year - 
too darn cold to want to venture outside with my camera.

On days like these, I like to hole up in my studio and work on bead or quilt projects.

These images are from just such a day.
Icy, snowy, drippy with a bone-chilling dampness...
the great outdoors didn't seem very appealing.

But, once outside I found beautiful soft light and 
small wonders hanging from every surface -
reminding me to take advantage of the day,
whatever the weather!

I'm wondering do you go out with your camera in less than perfect weather,
 or is it all good in your book?

Wishing you creative days filled with weather you love.


  1. Imperfectly perfect, that's what I really love! Just looking at your photos my heart is crying, how much I miss it... The sunshine and blue sky day after day gets too much with a time... Sigh...

    Wonderful pictures you are sharing!

  2. Twoje zdjęcia z kropelkami są świetne. Pozdrawiam.
    Your pictures of the drops are great. Yours.

  3. Just beautiful photos! I do feel like just bundling up in my studio in this weather, but try to get out in the fresh air since it is so refreshing!

  4. Such lovely photos, when its to hot the camera stays away.

  5. gosh I am glad you went out because I would have missed seeing all of these beautiful images. I do go out but I think it is human nature to want to hold up inside. I know the summers here are totally unpleasant with heat but my dog always wants to go out so out we go.

  6. How lovely to see you back, Anna!
    For "less than perfect weather" your lovely captures show that beauty can be experienced in all circumstances! The secret is actually seeing it!
    You certainly do!

  7. I for one am happy that you ventured out, Anna! Your photos are stunning. It inspires me to go out when I don't think I have the time, or I think there isn't much to capture. If I don't then how will I see what I miss??!

  8. Wow, gorgeous, glad you ventured out. I'm a weather wimp myself. Too hot in the AZ summer often and, right now, it's cold for us so I find that difficult, too. But sometimes it's worth it like it was for you here.

  9. You make me want to grab my camera and brave the cold - these are amazing.

  10. Wow is the word for these photos! How refreshing to stop by here today...Happy New Year, Anna ;)

  11. Wonder-full – and a good reminder to enjoy every moment!

  12. Anna, these are wonderful, especially the first one. Those little water droplets are simply perfect.

    I usually still get my camera out, even in bad weather. I just don't stay out as long as I normally would.

    Happy day to you!

  13. Beautiful shots, I really like macro!

  14. wow, gorgeous shots anna! love the first one so much.

  15. Wonderful photos of a grey day. A mistake !
    Best regards, Synnöve

  16. These are exquisite, Anna! You are so right – even when it does not seem appealing to venture out, once you make the effort, it is always worth it. As evidenced by your lovely images here. I think such times challenge our more comfortable views of what is beautiful and we have to look a bit harder but the beauty is certainly there.

    I wish you a wonderful week, and year, ahead! I look forward to the creations you'll share along the way.



  17. very exquisite indeed! i keep coming back to your blog/website to look at these.(and your beaded work photos too)

    Happy New Year!

  18. I'm mostly home bound during the winter months. These are such intriguing shots.

  19. Hello Anna! Imperfect weather for a perfect collection of beauty. So gorgeous!

    I go out as often as I can, nice weather or not, rainy day, foggy day, cold day, etc. These days the temperature is really cold, way below 0, but I dress accordingly, wear some "hand warmer" (a must) and go out. ;)