Saturday, January 19, 2013


A couple months ago I bought two old Polaroid cameras,
 a Spectra and Colorpack II Land Camera.
At $20 for the two, I've been told I got quite a deal.  
But, the best part is they both work!

In the Spectra, I've tried the Impossible Project's PZ 600 Silver Shade film.
Out of eight captures, this is the image I like the best.
It looks to me as though it could have come out of my great grandfather's old 
luggage chest, with its soft edges and vintage coloration.

I'm looking forward to more Polaroid fun,
especially experimenting with double exposures.

Have you tried anything new lately,


  1. What an interesting atmosphere you've captured in this composition, Anna! Before I even read it, I thought that it looked like one of those old sepia photos that were around in our great-grandparent's time! I agree to that!
    So now you have become a Polaroid camera fan too!
    Thank you for your visit to me and for commenting on some new things I have been trying out photographically speaking!
    It's so nice to get out of our rut sometimes and try something we've never tried before, isn't it?!
    It's still snowing here like crazy!

  2. That sure does have that old-timey feel to it.

  3. This photo is amazing! Now I really want to get one!

  4. Great mood! :)
    I still have my parents' old Polaroid camera, but have been unable to find a film for it in years, so I am not sure if it's still works fine.
    Have fun! Happy Sunday. :)

  5. Fabulous!! Love the vintage effect...the texture..the blurr.

  6. This is fantastic, Anna.
    Such a wonderful mood here.

  7. I adore the mood and mystery of this image, Anna! Good for you for exploring this medium.

    Me, I just got a few new lenses. Getting ready to try them out when it's a bit warmer. :)


  8. How fun! I like the softness of the image, it looks mysterious. Like if we were looking into the past, a secret place revealed.