Monday, March 19, 2012

The RR Line

One morning while visiting our daughter at college, 
I took my camera for a walk.

Wandering along the RR tracks, I found interesting leading lines, patterns, and abstract shapes.
These are elements that I find catch my eye regardless of the subject matter.
I'll let my photos tell the story of this delightful walk.

Wishing you wonderful, creative adventures!
See you again in a couple weeks.

P.S. Happy day for me - my art quilt, "Motherhood" was accepted into
 the American Quilter's Society Show in Paducah, KY.
For the non-quilters out there, this show is international in scope and 
one that I am always very honored to be included in.


  1. Nice to see you back with a blog entry, Anna. Those railway tracks are quite a change from your usual style. It's nice to break out of the mould from time to time, isn't it?! Doing so, makes me realize that anything and just about everything can be artistic - depending on the angle and intensity we give to certain parts of the image.
    My favourite images here are the 4th, the cog wheel, I love the angle and the colour, the 6th, the yellow rusting grill which makes me think of honeycombs and the 8th with those powerful looking nuts and bolts and the contrast with the wooden sleeper.
    This series shows a new you and the importance of renewing ourselves artistically.
    Congratulations for being accepted into the American Quilter's Society Show! You must be so thrilled!
    Have a beautiful and creative week!

  2. Congratulations on the quilting honour!
    The blur in the last image in your post feels very much the way my eyes are seeing lately.

  3. Those are gorgeous, Anna! There is something so mystical about trains and the rails, isn't there, aside from them being so photogenic, part of America's history and all.

    Congrats on the quilt show.

  4. "AWESOME!"
    Trains & tracks, you captured the beauty and strength of them both :]
    Congratulations... an honor well deserved. I am curtain, your quilting is like your photos, "beautiful" :]
    Happy Monday to you!!

    That is fantastic news, and so truly well-deserved.
    Each of your photographs here is just wonderful. Each one is so beautifully composed. Thank you for taking us along on your walk!!


  6. Ah, the beauty of the rails! I love the lines and patterns you found with your macro lens. Congrats on getting recognized in the quilt show! Have a great week!

  7. What gorgeous lines and details. The tracks certainly suggest an adventure!

  8. Yes, adventure is what these means to me as well as history...great photos!
    Kudos on the quilting award, Anna.

  9. What lovely interesting pictures - I love all of the lines, colours and shapes you captured.
    Congratulations on your quilt - that is really exciting. That is something I would love to do - make a quilt - but never got around to it.

  10. Hi Anna, Such great details and textures – I love that last image especially for the moodiness it evokes. Trains have such an air of romance and nostalgia. And congratulations on your quilt being accepted! xo – g

  11. Hi Anna, So nice to see you posting new special photos again! The topic of RR is especially fun for Dad was an Engineer on the Santa Fe for many years. The second picture is wonderful in black and white, looking down the tracks into the unknown yonder. Congratulations on your quilt going to Paducah! As a former nonprofessional quilter, I know how excited you must be! :) Whoot!!

  12. These photos are amazing Anna. Railroads and their surroundings are a bit ugly but you actually made them quite beautiful and interesting!

    Congratulations on your art quilt!

  13. A complete other theme as normally, but beautiful work in the details and with the colors and the focus. Great work ! Kind regards, Synnöve

  14. congrats on the quilt, that sounds wonderful!
    love your shots of the RR tracks. you captured them beautifully.

  15. These shots are fantastic! Such a simple subject matter like a train and you've produced such amazing photos!

  16. These shots are fantastic! Such a simple subject matter like a train and you've produced such amazing photos!

  17. You have a wonderful eye for color and composition! These are great!

    Congrats on the quilt! Very exciting!

  18. Welcome back, Anna! And with so many special shots! I really like the textures, lines and patterns in your photos, and the fabulous focus in photos # 1 and # 9. Well done!
    Congratulations on the quilting honour! So happy for you!! :) You must be so thrilled!

  19. Absolutely adore these photos - I love trains and train tracks, and you've captured them wonderfully in all their different forms.

  20. I love all you captured . Just beautiful

  21. What wonderful details and textures. I like the way some of them are in black and white, gives a kind of a vintage feel to them.