Thursday, May 19, 2011


Birchbark Scrolls
ISO 100, 44mm, f/5.6, 1/400

I believe that form, like texture, elicits a very primal, tactile-loving response in all of us. 
 As children, we experience the feel of a curved form as we run our hand around a cup,
 the hard edge of angles on the edge of stairs,
 and the smoothness of a flat form as we play on the floor.

As adults, when our eyes traverse these same curves, angles, and planes, 
we cant't help but bring to these forms the many memories and 
experiences that we have encountered.

Form is but another delightful visual treat that we get to enjoy daily.

Today, I am linking into Exploring With a Camera. 
Read more about form from Kat - here.


  1. The form, shape and texture you captured in that bark is delightful! I like the strong light here. Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts along with your image. You always bring so much to Exploring with a Camera!

  2. Hey Anna and so nice to drop by. The entry form is in finnish and they are always in native language even you have translation on:)
    Just push the button where read Lue tätä blogia.
    Did you ask me this, I'm not sure did I understand:)
    Your form entry is great, I love the shape of it and I know that feels almost like silk.

  3. birch bark is such a wonderful example of form and texture .. as always I am so happy to be visiting your lovely space~~

  4. What a lovely example of form, both your words and your picture.

  5. Your image is so interesting....I used to play with birch bark when I was a kid. Wonderful post about form!