Thursday, May 26, 2011


I've been busy working on a new art quilt. 

First, there was piecing, then painting on fabric, 
and now I'm doing needle-turn, hand applique to add the painted subjects
 to this large wall quilt. 
And what beautiful subjects I have, a friend of mine and her super cute, infant son!

Next, I've got fancy, machine quilting motifs to design.
It's challenging, it's fun, it's what I love to do!
It's my kind of busy!


  1. I'm excited for the day in my faraway future when this, too, can be my busy work.
    Please do share the finished piece.

  2. I can't wait to see more of this! Wow, that is thrilling to see my Henry's face on your work Anna! I feel so lucky!

  3. Oh..this is wonderful!! Love that you're creating this piece of 'art' out of this baby photo. T'would be my kind of busy too!!!

  4. that sounds a good, crafty way. can't wait to see it as it progresses.

  5. I know busy lately !

    I wish it was a little more creative , but then..

    mothering truly is , isn't it ?