Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Everyday Beauty

"Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished"  ~ Lao Tzu

Winter is in no hurry to leave.
In fact, winter seems a bit greedy - gripping onto more of its seasonal time slot than most folks feel is reasonable!
So, what shall we do......  I decided to humor winter and explore some of its everyday beauty.
I found a hedgerow with gnarly, wild child charm.

I looked to the heavens and spied a cathedral of sunlight and a zillion branches.

Finally, I turned around and saw jewel-like globes of brilliant color adorning our fruit trees.


  1. You've got the right attitude!

  2. I am glad you found that little spot of color!

  3. I love that burst of red, giving us some promise of the warmer weather to come!

  4. I love your thoughts on this! Winter is in no hurry to leave. True Story.

  5. winter truly is wonderful
    and there is beauty every day
    which you have captured so artfully, anna!

    and yes, winter is wanting to hang on tight here today ...
    although spring snuck in with zero temps and rain this morning ...
    winter has just started to roar back with a blizzard (seriously ~ it was pouring rain and now the wind is driving snow!) ... and the temps are to drop to minus 20 celsius tonight ...

    good for you for embracing and exploring and humouring ...
    and ultimately sharing!

    warm hugs ~

  6. I am glad to see winter coming to an end.. but when we get scenes like this how can we not be in awe .