Thursday, March 24, 2011

Snowy Pines

"To know what to leave out and what to put in; just where and just how, ah, that is to have been educated in knowledge of simplicity -
 toward ultimate freedom of expression."  ~ Frank Lloyd Wright

Another storm -
we are in the depths of winter again.

Amid nature's overwhelming detail, I like to find a simple abstract composition. 
 This capture fits the bill.

If you're looking for color, today I am contributing to The Inspiration Studio with a vibrant photo of my ribbon work. 
 It is our second week exploring the theme of color.  Enjoy!


  1. Yes snow is a reality during March and even April here. I also remember 4 inches of snow May 1st several years ago :-) Beautiful capture.

  2. Beautiful photo, even if I'm so sick of snow, you somehow make it look amazing!

  3. I love this .
    Even though I don't want any more snow.
    We are covered once again, and I'd already raked and everything.

  4. What caught my eye first on this photo was the void between the main trees - gorgeous photo that has so much depth.

  5. pretty much the perfect combination of lichen and snow.

  6. oh goodness could the canvas of this photo be more beautiful..i know you are tired of snow but this is remarkable Anna