Friday, September 20, 2013


I've mentioned that I have a thing for reflections.

Maybe it's because reflections toy with visual reality. 
They are like fact, fiction, and fantasy all woven together.

Oh, and throw in a little magic also.

Reflections are visual magic!

I'll be away teaching next week,
probably looking for reflections in my off hours.

Wishing you a creative week!


  1. These are great, Anna.
    Have a wonderful trip..

  2. "Fact, fiction and fantasy all woven together". Most definitely. I especially like the fantasy and surreal element to reflections and these photos have all of that. Each one is special in its own way according to lighting and angle. I love the third one because the lights on the ceilings inside the building look like stars in the blue of the sky for the reflected older building!
    I'm also attracted to the surreal quality of the last one which makes me feel as if I'm inside looking out of that square window! Really nice composition enhanced by the brick work!

  3. Just lovely, love the light in the first building.

  4. What a lovely lighting and beautiful reflections. :) The first one is so pretty with the old building's details reflected in the new building's windows.
    Have a happy weekend, Anna.

  5. oh wow - stunning photography! love these

  6. Spectacular!!! I love reflection images and your description is wonderful. And your images are just fantastic! Isn't it fun to explore the many depths and levels?

    Hope you are having a great weekend.



  7. I love reflections, too. I think I like the last one the very best.