Sunday, January 27, 2013

Books and things...

I currently live in a backwater, a place not really by anything.
Add to this the cold and isolation of winter,
and one thought jumps to mind - road trip.

So, that's just what my husband and I did last week.
We took a little road trip to my favorite, funky old-time bookstore.

Picture really tall ceilings and rows of shelves jam packed with books
 on every conceivable subject.
Oh, and add the scent of old books to this picture.
All in all, a bibliophile's heaven.

We had a wonderful time ~
great books,
great mocha lattes,
great lunch,
and great conversation.
A great day in my book! 

Speaking of books, have you read Whitney Otto's novel, 
Eight Girls Taking Pictures (link)?
In the author's note, Whitney states, "This book is a work of fiction inspired by 
several real women photographers whose lives and work have influenced my own."

I enjoyed how history was woven into this book - 
politics, international events, camera types and technology, 
plus fashions and fads of the times.
Also, I feel every artistic woman can relate to the struggles of the female characters 
as they juggle career and creative desires, 
against family and social expectations.
Timely and timeless.

Wishing you a week filled with great times and great books!

Saturday, January 19, 2013


A couple months ago I bought two old Polaroid cameras,
 a Spectra and Colorpack II Land Camera.
At $20 for the two, I've been told I got quite a deal.  
But, the best part is they both work!

In the Spectra, I've tried the Impossible Project's PZ 600 Silver Shade film.
Out of eight captures, this is the image I like the best.
It looks to me as though it could have come out of my great grandfather's old 
luggage chest, with its soft edges and vintage coloration.

I'm looking forward to more Polaroid fun,
especially experimenting with double exposures.

Have you tried anything new lately,

Monday, January 7, 2013

Weather Wisdom

Sometimes, I almost miss the day.

By this I mean, the day may seem too hot, too rainy, too icy - or this time of year - 
too darn cold to want to venture outside with my camera.

On days like these, I like to hole up in my studio and work on bead or quilt projects.

These images are from just such a day.
Icy, snowy, drippy with a bone-chilling dampness...
the great outdoors didn't seem very appealing.

But, once outside I found beautiful soft light and 
small wonders hanging from every surface -
reminding me to take advantage of the day,
whatever the weather!

I'm wondering do you go out with your camera in less than perfect weather,
 or is it all good in your book?

Wishing you creative days filled with weather you love.