Sunday, December 2, 2012


Before the heavy rains, before the gusty winds, before the snowstorm...
before all this weather hit,
I gathered a large bunch of milkweed and brought them into the house.

The milkweed pods were open with their seeds and silken tufts spilling about.
I imagined these little umbrellas escaping all over the house,
but they have stayed in place,
trapped within the stillness of our walls.

Studying these silken umbrellas has gotten me dreaming
 of traveling with them to some warm and magical place!


  1. You have captured the image beautifully, so pretty, have a great week.

  2. you are simply stunning behind the lens! these pictures are mesmerizing!

  3. My goodness, Anna, these captures are glorious! I don't think I've even seen milkweed here. The first photo looks like a lion roaring with a fluffy moustache and seed teeth. The second one is nature in its most perfect state. The third shot takes my breath away in its silken loveliness. The other shots are equal in beauty and the compositions are really breathtaking! A marvellous series!

  4. Now why did I not think of bring them into the house. I must remember this next year. Fabulous photos.

  5. Wow, something about these images is SO magical. I really have to come see you soon, if you'll have me! I miss your inspiration!

  6. Oh Anna! That last image reminded me of a dancer in flight. Such beauty.

  7. Oh, beautifully captured! Marvelous macro shots. :)

  8. How beautiful these are, Anna!
    I especially love the first black and white one.
    The detail you have captured in it is amazing.
    So nicely done!

  9. So lovely and graceful! Great pic, Anna!

  10. You can just feel the softness, what a great idea to bring them in for a photo op.

  11. Such delicate beauty there Anna, macro makes things look so abstract doesn't it? I love that last one especially, beautifully crisp as always too :)