Monday, February 14, 2011


"Love is, above all, the gift of oneself."  ~ Jean Anouilh

A friend of mine lives a very creative life.  You can see her hand in her art, her beautifully decorated home, and even the food she serves.  In contrast, my creative focus is mainly directed toward my art, to my home somewhat, and by the time I get to the dinner table - well, creativity has fallen by the wayside.  Decorating cookies did look interesting though, so I asked if she would share her secrets.  Yes, was the answer I got.  Boy, was that a treat!  We doodled with frosting filled tubes instead of pencils, talked, and ate our mistakes.  Yum!  Like many things, it was more difficult to do than it appeared, but decorating got easier as the hours slipped by.  I've gathered my "besties" in this photo.  I think I'm hooked, as I'm looking toward the next holiday with patterns on eggs and rabbits dancing within my head.  Look out Martha!


  1. Wow! These are almost too pretty to eat! Almost!

  2. What gorgeous cookies! They look straight out of a gourmet bakery.

  3. They are truly little works of art. Glad you photoed them to share before they were all eaten.

  4. Those are the most beautiful, elegant cookies I've seen, and I've seen A LOT of cookies! We have to do this together!

  5. art is everywhere.. this is lovely...

  6. They turned out beautifully. And I can see your artist's eye reflected in their creation.

  7. oooooo ... such SWEET love, anna!
    step aside martha is right ~ beautiful artistry!
    LOVE your new space here ...
    delightful delightful ... : )