Wednesday, June 8, 2016


Sometimes life gets extremely messy...
Messy isn't necessarily a bad thing, it's just the way things roll.

Our messy has been good - we finally have an accepted offer on our lake home :)
So, there's been packing to do....

Our daughter moved out East.
So, there's been more packing to do, and apartment cleaning, and good-byes :(

And then, my parents bought a townhouse.
Which involved house hunting and a move yet to come :)

So, that's my messy world of late.

I think that my image titled, Divine Light, 
serves as a nice counter point to all of the changes
 that we've been experiencing.

Wishing you joy in your creative ventures and
 hoping your life isn't too messy at the moment!


  1. Well Anna, there have certainly been a lot of changes since you last posted! Well done for accepting the offer on your lake home! Lots of packing to do, but also exciting new things to come! Thinking of you in this busy, busy time!

    1. Thank you, Sandra! We're very happy to finally be moving forward with house hunting in our immediate future :)
      Hope all is well with you!