Monday, July 20, 2015

Lensbaby Love Blog Circle: July

I think that when one lives in the frozen north,
it's easy to appreciate the abundance of the summer season.

I know I've been enjoying everything that's blooming in the woods and in my garden!
The tricky part is keeping up with all this beauty.
I've been keeping up with the picture making aspect, but not the editing component....
guess some of that will have to wait for colder days.

For now, more images for my Rainbow Macro Floral Project,
all taken with a Lensbaby.

Next, please follow the link in our Lensbaby Love Blog Circle
 to the inspiring work of Willie Kers of Glamour Kidz.


  1. Such a gorgeous deep red of the rose and the tender pink and white of the bleeding hearts against the freshness of the green background. All in layered beauty!

    1. Thanks for always encouraging my work, Sandra! I'm having fun with the contrast of sharp selective focus and amazing blur that the LB can accomplish.

  2. ANNA! Your macro photography always captures the "personality" of your subject so beautifully and sensitively! How long until you complete your Rainbow Project?

    1. Thanks so much, Victoria! I always appreciate your thoughtful comments. I started this project mid-Jan 2015. My plan is to work on it the whole year, but it actually feels like it will probably be an ongoing lifetime project. That's how much I love flowers and find their infinite variety so fascinating!