Saturday, April 11, 2015

People Watching

On my vacation to the city,
 I got to visit with my favorite gal -
that would be our smart, beautiful, and talented daughter.

We enjoyed long walks, and talks, and great food.

I also did some people watching with my camera, of course.
I saw Leggy Conversations,

Pollock's Inspiration,

Reflections on Reality,

Age and Infirmity

Suits in Motion.

Gotta love vacations!


  1. Love all these shots! You've captured the different ambiences so well. I have a soft sport for the suits in motion and the leggy conversations! People watching is such fun, especially when you have your camera with you. Glad you enjoyed some quality time with your lovely daughter.

    1. Thanks so much, Sandra! I had a wonderful time w/ K and you know how I love street photography :) I really tried to play w/ composition/design on this trip, which is a challenge when things change so fast.