Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Summer Memories

Where I currently live, in the north woods of Wisconsin,
we have three months of gorgeous weather - summer,
and nine months of winter.
Ok...nine months of winter is an exaggeration,
 but sadly, only a slight one.

As squirrels gather a cache of acorns to make it through the long winter,
we've been collecting summertime experiences.

Experiences like kayaking and canoeing on the lake,
swimming (mainly done by a crazy little Pomeranian named Teddy),
wading in the shallows with camera and tripod in hand (that would be me),
fishing from the dock (that would be my husband who primarily catches weeds),
biking, walking, vacationing,
plus enjoying lunch and dinner on the deck.

Yes indeed, we're busy gathering a cache of summertime treasures!

Hope you're enjoying life.

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