Saturday, May 17, 2014


I've mentioned before that I love books.
My earliest booky memory is of the floor to ceiling bookcases 
that lined a living room wall in the Dutch Colonial house that I grew up in.
These built-ins were white painted wood and flanked a window that faced the back yard.

The expanse of jumbled colored spines read as a modern art painting 
with your eye seeking pattern within the chaotic exuberance.

Shelves were arranged like a chronology of life,
with little kid picture books on the bottom,
then story books, fiction, biographies, and art tomes,
all the way up to the ceiling where the most valuable,
 or least read, pieces languished.

Furniture sat in front of this wall of books, 
while the space behind the furniture became a kid's "book fort" of sorts,
 a place to secret off to and read.
Such pleasant memories!

Although I read some ebooks, there is nothing like a printed book -
the weight in your hand, the touch of paper, 
and the turning of pages.
Hopefully, future generations will enjoy the pleasures of printed books, too.

How about you... are you an ebook reader, library user, or book collector?
Or maybe, you embrace books in any form :)

Happy reading to you!


  1. Fascinated by these. Have scrolled through them several times.

  2. I forgot to say I will always prefer the traditional printed form. I have some of my grandparent's books from the early 1900's and they hold a special appeal.

  3. There's nothing like real books to draw you in and make you want to pick them up. They have such a nice smell, too. I love seeing bookcases full of books like you describe and show here but, I'll admit, I do read ebooks a lot...just to avoid bringing more and more "stuff" into my already cluttered home. Of course, there are certain books, such as art books, etc., where only the hard copy will do. Evocative photos, Anna.

  4. Great images bringing us into the magical world of real books with pages to turn, textures to touch and the sound of the pages as they're turned. I love the first two images because of the atmosphere they evoke and show how books sweep us up and transport us into a wonderful parallel world where we can allow ourselves to become the heroines!

  5. I will always prefer a my hand to read I have an e reader but I enjoy the pictures and never having to download or charge up an actual solid book great post about books!

  6. Books-OH! You are singing my song, Anna! I love the smell of libraries, used book stores, book stores, children's books, any books!!! I'm not fond of e books but I have tried...
    Love this post!

  7. Hello Anna, I loooove books! in all sort of form, which mean e-book (you can have them instantly) and printed book that you can bring anywhere, at the beach or in the forest. I really like your pictures, the light in the first one is wonderful, and you capture some beautiful ladies face among those books. ;)

  8. I have a kindle, but will always prefer to have a book in my hands. :) Love your pics, Anna! xo

  9. Just wanted to wish you a lovely summertime, Anna! :)