Saturday, January 4, 2014

Winter Dreamscapes

Reality = 20 below zero most mornings.
Sound appealing?

How about a dreamy winter wonderland instead?
That's my vote!

I hope you've got some marvelous plans and dreams for 2014,
and they all come true!

Enjoy this creative life -
it's the best!


  1. Yes, there is something dreamlike about these images - like looking at them through a veil. Twenty below zero feels just a little on the chilly side for me! I've never experienced winter as cold as that!

  2. Some of the nastiest weather makes for some of the most beautiful images, and you have shown that so nicely here, Anna.

  3. quite lovely
    and dreamy
    that is cold
    we had one week like that.... about a month ago, not it is a more comfortable snowy winter wonderland... 8F this morning.....

  4. beautifully dreamy images… so cold, takes courage to go out on such a morning… sometimes I have it, sometimes I don't… so glad you did!

  5. Lovely and dreamlike images. But 20 below, brr. Out temps have been fluctuating from -4F to 40F or so in the course of a week, pretty confusing season. I wait for the coldest mornings to go out for the most interesting ice patterns...

  6. Exquisite captures of the winter cold - :-)!

  7. Oh, I'm just get lost in these images, Anna! A true dreamy wonderland where imagination runs wild. :)

    Hope your weather has improved. We don't have much of a winter here. The narcissus are already poking up which makes me very happy.

    Have a great weekend!

  8. Ohhh, I almost missed this. Yes, the dreamy winter wonderland, for sure. No thanks on those temps you all had.