Monday, December 9, 2013


It's a mountaintop forest?  Maybe.
It's a miniature forest?  You're closer.
It's a miniature frost forest?  You're much closer.
It's a miniature frost forest on top of a Subaru?  You've got it!

I kinda love my macro lens
because it opens up a whole tiny, tiny visual world 
for me to explore.

Feeling a bit like Gulliver, today.

Hope your world is filled with wonders,
both big and small!


  1. So much fun, Anna! Macro lenses are incredible – i'm always amazed at the detail that I didn't notice even when I took the shot.

    Hope you are well and enjoying the festive season. Merry Christmas!

  2. What wonderful images of the landscapes that frost can create! Such lovely tones and sweeping shapes! The first one reminds me of vineyards in the winter (look at the tiny vines planted on the upper left!) The second one has such harmonious sloping shapes and so many different scenes can be imagined - little paths to walk along to become part of this winter wonderland!
    I love my macro lens too and how it opens up a whole new world, every time! These captures are gorgeous, Anna!

  3. I wouldn't have guessed a Subaru :) or any of the rest of it. Frost really is pretty and macro lens are very remarkable. i think I need one...sigh...

  4. whoa, that is cool ... it does look like a forest on a hillside!

  5. I love my macro lens…and the way you can view the world! Gorgeous shots!

  6. Wow, just magical! I soooo wish I had a macro lens too. Maybe once hubby and I will finally buy a better camera...

  7. magically wonderful
    i would not have guessed what i was looking at
    i thought it was wonderful silken embroidery
    i love my macro lens too ~

  8. Excellent images - amazing how a different perspective (angle) gives a different look.