Thursday, November 14, 2013

This is a Test!

Last Saturday, I was grocery shopping.

With a full cart, and this banal chore almost done, I zipped into the checkout line
 expecting to be back home in no time.  It was then that I noticed the woman in front of me.
She was moving reeeaallly, reeeaallly slooooowly as she placed her groceries on the counter.

I looked for an escape route behind me, but two women already stood in line
(why is it most of the grocery shoppers are women?  Don't men eat?).
Trapped, I turned to watch the sloooow woman.

As I watched, my frustration turned into fascination.
Under her hand, all like-height cans stood together.
 These cans were also sorted by diameter size, with all labels facing one way.
Similar shape fresh veggies and fruit were grouped together, etc. 
Then came the bread... 4 loaves of cheap, gooey white bread
(ok, I admit I'm a bit of a bread snob since I like to make healthy bread in my bread machine).
Oh my God, one bread end was facing the wrong way!
Luckily, this was quickly rectified and all the butt-ends were matched up.
I bet you get the picture - 
this woman had a serious case of OCD!

So, here's the test - How are your OCD qualities looking these days?

1) Can you match or top this woman when you go grocery shopping?
(not me!)

2) Do you compulsively keep all your pencils sharpened to the same length?
(true story - a guy at my husband's old office)

3) Do you only drink coffee at pre-set times of the day
 and only from a freshly brewed pot?
(another former co-worker)

4) Is your clothes closet arranged by color family groupings?
(I confess, that's me.  After years of messy closets,
 I decided mine could at least look like an attractive rainbow)

5) How about your spools of thread, beads, or any other item you collect - 
obsessively arranged by color, size, or some other quantifiable  characteristic?
(bet you can guess my answer when it involves color!)

6) Do you sit in the same seat on the bus each day?  Pew at church? 
Chair at the business meeting table?

7) Is your work or studio desk/table perfectly organized and 
continually kept that way?
(guess that's not beading table currently looks like a bomb hit)

8) Do you always park in the same lot at the mall,
 preferably in the same relative spot?
(pass on this one, no malls in my world)

9) Finally, here's a fill in the blank question.
What's your favorite OCD activity?
(tell us please... we won't think you're nuts -  
apparently mine is picking out colors for the word OCD

Life's crazy, so why not channel a little OCD-ness today!!!
Happy, crazy day to you :)


  1. I love the coloured spools of thread and am sure they're arranged this way for practical purposes of finding the right one as well as for colour harmony! I can't think of a single thing that I'm obsessively compulsive about! I seem to be more of a clutter collector and always fight against that and have impressive clear-outs before it all starts piling up again! Crafting and yarn work make a terrible mess and I don't have a craft room - so you get the picture. It sometimes gets me down. This weekend will be spent having yet another purge. Sigh! I think that the biggest problem here is lack of space and many interests...

  2. Nope, I don't do any of those things. I do have my closet semi-arranged, pants together, tops together, skirts together but that's about it. I think I'm basically a slob in many other ways. I would like to be better organized (short of OCD) but there isn't time to do stuff and be neat about it, I have to do one or the other.

  3. 4, 5, and 7, yes.
    Grocery shopping? Kind of.
    I put things on the checkout counter in groups by where they go in my kitchen. All frozen stuff in one bag, etc. Save me lots of time when I get home to put it away. I'm okay with the labels not facing the same way though! :-)

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  4. LOL, I am too messy to have OCD. ;)
    Love your spools, so neatly arranged.
    Happy Monday to you, Anna!

  5. Just wanted to wish you and your family a very happy and peaceful Thanksgiving Day! :)
    Hubby and I do not celebrate it, but we sure have a lot to be thankful for.
    Love your statue, btw, so peaceful and so beautiful! xo