Sunday, September 23, 2012

Time is...

Time is infinite.
In our youth, time stretches out before us like the Dakota plains.
We have time for fun, learning, college, travel, love, and finding a soul mate.
There's time for our first apartment, job, house, baby's first steps, 
friends, creativity, hiking, camping, and more love.
Life rolls on in film, digital pixels, and polaroids, 
as we capture these moments in photos.
Time seems infinite.

Then a dear friend becomes gravely ill.
Time stands still.
The world turns upside down.
Perception changes.
Time is finite.

It is time to live in the moment ~
say "I love you", hug your child, notice the sunrise and sunset,
 soak up the sun's warmth, the color of blooms, and 
the delicate scent on the breeze.
Use that roll of film on the shelf, take that polaroid of your friend,
do the photo shoot you've been planning, finish a creative project...
because time is finite.

We may only have this year, this month, this week,
this day, this moment ~
to enjoy all that is special to us.

Capture and relish today.
Time is finite.


  1. A fantastic photo include all colors of a rainbow. Wise words over the time. Always we should catch the moment...

  2. How true your words are, lovely photo.

  3. A wonderful post, your words are beautiful. Gorgeous picture.

  4. What a stunning picture Anna - such a beautiful serene place.
    Perfect for your sentiment. I'm so sorry your friend is so ill. It does make you stop and think about life.
    Take care and sending you lots of big hugs.

  5. I'm sorry about your friend. Yes, we get these shocking reminders of how fleeting it can be sometimes...

  6. It's hard and beautiful what you are telling... Often I wonder, why we really don't see what's around or next to us, unless we are touched by the Time?

    Been there myself, face to face with the fear and beauty... Glad you spreading the word around, we need to be reminded to enjoy what we have! Thank you!

  7. What a beautiful post, so sorry about your friend

  8. A brilliant reminder of what really matters. I'm so sorry about your friend, sending prayers and warm wishes.

  9. Especially at this time, you created a wonderful combination piece as a tribute to your is also timely because we are at the fall equinox of the fitting ;)

  10. Well said, Anna. My week was very similar. Too many changes in one week, too many phone calls we didn't want.
    Your photo expresses so much, I hope it brings you comfort during this time.

  11. This is a truly beautiful post and tribute to your friend, Anna.
    A reminder of something we too often forget.
    Thank you.

  12. This is a spectacular sky image, so beautiful :)

  13. I love this blogpost. Nice picture and great words! Well done!

    Greetings to you and your followers from The Netherlands!

  14. Anna, I'm so sorry to hear that your friend is so ill...hugs to you and thank you for the beautiful and very true words.