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Sunday, August 26, 2012

Lily Days

This summer was a banner year for lilies in my garden.
They were plentiful and the deer didn't gobble them up,
as they usually do.
Enjoy..... I certainly did!

How did your garden grow?

Wishing you a creative week, full of growth and good times!


leighlovedesign.com said...

Beautiful photography Anna! Your macro work is just fabulous!

Sandra said...

What a beautiful series, Anna. I love that blowy, breezy, soft feeling to the first shot, that astonishing blue insect on the lily bud and the gorgeous angles you have chosen for each composition to bring a totally different feel to the same subjects. That last photo is just lovely with the curve of the leaves creating a frame for that single petal. The artistic quality you bring to each one of your photos is beautiful to behold.

Indrani said...

Love the composition in each shot!

greenthumb said...

So pretty just love the orange colour, my garden is just starting to come to life.

Juliana said...

Lilies are wonderful!

Have a great week!
xoxo, Juliana

Seraphina´s Phantasie said...

Amazing photos from the lilly and the bug. Lovely colors. Great !

Jamie said...

Wow - these are gorgeous! My garden didn't grow this year - so I'll just have to look at your beautiful photos instead.

Lisa Gordon said...

Anna, these are magnificent!
Our lilies did not do well at all this year. Very small, and sort of sickly looking. Most everything else did okay, but not nearly as well as in the years before. I think our 80 degree temps in March, and then the frosts confused everything.

Tanya said...

Gorgeous lillies and that photo of the beetle is amazing....!

Lynn Richards said...

My garden is a little scorched lately, but the lilies always do well. Aren't they a gorgeous flower?
Hope your summer was enjoyable!

Ellie said...

Hey Anna, hope you have had a wonderful summer - who can believe summer is almost at an end.
These are awesome shots - beautiful lilies. :))

urban muser said...

I haven't blogged much this summer but I miss your gorgeous photos. Hope you are well.

maccandace said...

Lush and luscious!

annejutras said...

Hello Anna, I just discover your blog via Darwin and Sam web site. Your photos are gorgeous! So glad I find you!

boiteafoto said...

J'adore la cinquième photo... ;)

1idee said...

ces photos sont magnifiques!

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