Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Walking in Providence

On my day off from teaching, I walked up to the Museum of Art. 
 Along the way was an amazing national historic landmark building, the first Baptist church in America. 
 The Meeting House was completed in 1775 and 
was the largest building project in New England at that time. 
 The architecture is a blend of English Georgian and traditional New England meetinghouse style. 
 The 185 foot steeple has survived time and hurricanes. 
 I was drawn to the building's clean lines and interesting morning shadows.

Farther up the hill, I came across pattern, sunlight and shadow, 
and a young woman waiting for a bus.

I finally arrived at the museum's side entrance, where some student's bikes 
and a strong abstract graphic design captured my attention.

Later this week, I'll add images from inside the museum.


  1. Such wonderful NE architecture in Providence. Especially love that first image - the shadow..the light!

  2. Your photos are stunning! Makes me want to visit.

  3. Your church photos are amazing, especially the one with the tree. Wow! You capture light so well too.

  4. anna i am really enjoying this tour of a place i am almost completely certain I will never go to... your photos are so good!!

  5. These photos are so stunning! I'm so glad I discovered your blog!